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"Amazing! At my first visit, James worked on my lower back and I am completely pain free. I could not be more pleased. Gets my vote!!" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Samantha Lukis  8/8/2021  via Facebook Reviews

James was friendly and knowledgable, using his experience with multiple modalities to treat my issues. He unlocked a chronic and painful issue in my neck/shoulder that I've had work done on before (with marginal results). A very positive experience. I recommend James and have already booked my next massage. Thanks!

Katrina Angelis 5/7/2021  via Facebook Reviews

"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars! Amazing, professional service!"

Emily Buchanan  2/7/2021  via Facebook Reviews

"Professional and effective service! More than just a massage - more of a realignment of my body. James fixed my issue after just one visit... what's left to say?? Highly recommend, 10/10."

Edwina Rosham  2/6/2021  via Facebook Reviews

"James has been my massage therapist for about 4 years. I had been to so many massage therapists and I am picky as shit about who I go to - James is THE BEST. He's got heaps of knowledge and massage skills, as well as creating a really beautiful massage experience. I feel safe, cared for and listened to, and there's always massive benefit in my body after my massages. Thanks, James!"

Lillian Aarts  19/4/2021  via Facebook Reviews

"Wow! I don't normally write reviews, but I just have to after the massage I received from James. This was not like any massage I've ever had before at day spas this one was 100 times better! I could actually feel the stress and tension in my body melting under his hands! I can't recommended him highly enough!"

Renata Jamieson  8/3/2021  via Facebook Reviews

"Just fantastic thanks James! My shoulder had been killing me for weeks and James fixed the problem in just one visit! Could not be happier and so very grateful!"

Riley Switzzer  19/2/2021  via Facebook Reviews

" I woke up several times every night for years due to pretty bad low back pain. I tried the stretching, painkiller and muscle relaxer but nothing really help. James found out very quick that the pain in my left low back from my right ankle that after an injury 5 years ago never return to full range of motion. James was able to loosen up the joint and I am since two month pain free."

Elena Grinenko  6/2/2021  via Facebook Reviews

"Was on a physical therapy merry go round until I tried James. Brilliant therapist who understood my problem and knew how to fix it. Absolutely recommend!!"

Chrissy Maxwell  20/1/2021  via Facebook Reviews


"James is a world class therapist. Not sure that masseur adequately describes him, more muscle whisperer. I had struggled with hip leg and lower back pain and had received different types of therapy over a long period of time but nothing had any lasting effect until I saw James. After describing my issues he did a few quick tests on my muscles and was able to replicate my pain by pressing on a muscle on the side of my abdomen. No one had ever thought the problem could be there, except James who found it in less than a minute! Now I must say the treatment that followed was not the most pleasant experience but the result was well worth a little discomfort. I had a follow up appointment a week later and I walked away completely confident my pain was finished with. I would highly recommend James to anyone with muscular issues needing a high quality treatment to heal."

Dianne Lindner  6/12/2020  via Facebook Reviews

" I’ve been seeing James for two months now to help me with my injured shoulder and bursitis. He’s very kind and patient and really cares about helping you recover as soon as possible. It’s been a long process for me dealing with this and trying to get back on track and James is helping immensely with fantastic therapy and advice. I would highly recommend him if you need a great caring physical therapist.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Anita de Natris  3/12/2020  via Facebook Reviews


"WOW! James is an excellent massage therapist! I've been getting remedial and sports massages for over 10 years and I must say James is definitely one of the very best. He's very knowledgeable and skilful, but the thing that most impresses me is that he also consistent! I've started off with good massages from other therapists and over time, the quality fades, not with James - he listens each and every time and I get the massage I need for what's ailing me. I also LOVE the hot towels at the end. Very soothing and relaxing and I don't feel greasy when I'm done. His room is very clean and has a soothing ambiance and always has great music playing. I get at least 2 massages a month, sometimes up to 4 and it's well worth it to counter my busy and stressful life! Booking on his website is very easy and his pricing is very reasonable. Treat yourself, you won't be disappointed." 🌟💞

Zoe Marchant  11/11/2020  via Facebook Reviews


" Rarely do I give 5 star service to any review but I have to tell you, James is by far the best masseur I have been to. James provides a great massage in a clean, calm and peaceful atmosphere. His assessment of my neck issues was thorough and he worked at just the right pressure to relieve my symptoms so that I was headache free. I would thoroughly recommend his services and have booked in for regular visits." ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Renee Batchelor  3/8/2020  via Facebook Reviews


"One of the most effective massages I ever had. James is amazing. He really knows what hes doing and was very responsive. My head ache is gone! My chest shoulder pain is gone. And I even got more energetic. Highly recommended! 5 stars for sure.."

Jenn Tran  6/7/2020  via Facebook Reviews

"Amazing massage from James this weekend. The soreness and pain in my back and shoulders was resolved quickly and easily, and the work done on my neck was by far the best and most effective treatment I've ever received. Highly recommended!!"

Deena Leggett  28/6/2020  via Setmore Reviews


"James definitely got the knowledge and the skills in his field. I could never get rid of my upper back tightness before my first visit to him. It is absolutely phenomenal that his treatment can fix my problems on the very first go. Definitely worth the time. Simply speechless here!!!!!"

Lorraine Ying  5/6/2020  via Facebook Reviews


"Wow! James! Thank you! I saw James this week in regards to an issue with my forearm and my wrist which had been causing all sorts of issues for me for the best part of 12 months. I had seen chiros, massage therapists, oesteopaths and physios but had not been able to get any relief from my pain. James' treatment was so different from anything I had received previously. For 30 mintues he massaged and re-aligned my shoulder and arm, cracked my elbow and wrist and I walked out without any pain. No return visits required - completely fixed! James' service is much, much more than an average massage. James is by far the most knowledgeable and by far the most skilled practitioner I have been to. AAA+ rating deserved!"

Louise Vandermeer  2/6/2020  via Facebook Reviews

"I had my first massage with James this week. I had been experiencing pain in my back and shoulders and some numbness due to sitting at a desk all day, every day. James talked me through how the muscles and nerves in the body work and what was happening in my body to cause this pain. He then gave me an amazing massage. I couldnt believe how much better I felt afterwards! I haven’t had anymore numbness since the massage and now I have no pain in my back and shoulders. An amazing experience, thank you James!"

Ash Holland  15/5/2020  via Facebook Reviews

"Thank you for a wonderful massage treatment yesterday, your skill and expertise has helped me enormously and now, for the first time in years I don't feel like I have a knife sticking in my back! Scoliosis has caused me considerable pain and discomfort for years, and most treatments I've received in the past have at best, been band aid solutions. I had the best sleep last night I've had for ages and am now able to move around without that dreadful searing pain in my back. Incredible! Once again, thank you James, I am so very, very grateful for what you did for me yesterday."

Margaret Thomas  1/3/2020


"One of, no, its the best massage I've had. I've had much massage in my life and James has a great balance of deep tissue, nurturing, and relaxing. I left feeling refreshed, without any pain and completly relaxed. I have had chronic low back and shoulder issues and James has addressed both, knowing intuitively when to go deep and when to be soft. I highly reccomend James if you need a professional massage that is both therapuetic and relaxing!! Can't wait till my next one" 🙏

Lee Galinovic  22/2/2019  via Facebook Reviews


"I saw James on the referral of my chiropractor when I was experiencing a great deal of neck pain a couple of months ago. My neck was so bad that I couldnt sleep and I had constant headaches, stiffness and very little sideways movement. My chiropractor was just not able to get me past this but James magic hands relieved my issues quickly.  I am extremely happy now as I am pain free and I now see James regularly to avoid further problems. Best money I've ever spent!!!"

Brittney Feldman  17/2/2020  via Setmore Bookings


"I have been using one of the franchise shopping centre massage shops and while the price was right, you get what you pay for.  In addition, as of late I had noticed that getting weekend appointments had been becoming more and more difficult.  I got to the point where I wanted to try an independent therapist, and luckily for me I found James. My first massage with James was fantastic from start to finish, from booking online (had to cancel and reschedule due to a conflict and James accomodated without question) right through to the very finish of the massage.   I arrived 10 minutes early as James had requested, to give us time to discuss my issues and create a treatment plan. The massage itself was unbelievably good, light years ahead of what I had been getting. James is very thorough, varying the pressure when needed, from light to very deep but never causing pain or discomfort.  I received a 90 minute remedial massage which is what I typically get and could not have been happier with the experience.  I have been seeing James on a weekly basis since and feel so much better. I highly recommend James."

Maria Hamilton-Lorenzi  31/1/2020  via Facebook Reviews


"I first met James during his time in Prahran and now always call in for a massage and "tune up" when I'm in his area. It still amazes me that whatever my problem is, when I get off the table James has cured me! James also offers fantastic self help advice for keeping yourself in the best possible condition. To quote Tina Turner - "Simply the best."

Jane Turner   19/12/2019  via email


"A long time client of James Kirwan Massage I see James when I need to be put back together. When I am in physical alignment my emotional side becomes stronger and I feel calmer and more in control of my life. There is no one better than James as a massage therapist, an amazing man who never fails to deliver. Highly recommended."

Sarah Richardson  13/12/2019  via Facebook Reviews


"I came to see James through my friend Tina who has been seeing James with great results. I had a very painful back problem which my GP diagnsosed as a muscular issue and suggested a Deep Tissue massage as the best solution. I saw a masseur local to me and his treatment was so painful I could not even finish the treatment and it scared me away from looking for further help. Tina suggested a visit to James for his opinion to which I was which reluctant but we did it together and they ended up convincing me to try a 30 min session. I'm so glad I did! Not only was the massage not painful - it actually felt good! I had a huge improvement from my back pain afterwards and I ended up booking a longer session for the next week. James treatments are so different from what Ive received in the past and very effective to say the least.So very glad I went to see him and the results he has achieved for me has been incredible in such a short space of time! 

Lauren Di Carlo  3/11/2019  via Facebook Reviews

"James has magic, intuitive hands. All my muscles were so sore and tight from an emotional,stressful interpersonal experience that came up for me around the school holidays. James has a calm,strong but gentle demeaner which only added to the relief I experienced as his intuitive and well trained hands immediately knew how to find my body and mind some relief. I have returned 2 more times in less than a month with fantastic results each time. I have had quite a few disappointing massages over the years and I am so happy to have found James. I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed with James and I ABSOLUTELY recommend him. Thank you. I can't wait until next time! " 🥰 🙏

Caitlyn Stewart  13/10/2019  via Facebook Reviews

"As a result of many years sitting behind a desk and working on a PC, I sought James assistance in treating my chronic back and neck pain. Since commencing my consultations  my pain has gone and I have gained back my mobility in my neck. James is the complete professional, extremely knowledgable and very experienced in physical therapy treatments. I would highly recommend James to anyone needing pain relief or relaxation."

Erin-Jane McConville  2/10/2019


"Ever since I moved to Mornington James has helped me with various issues starting with sciatica which began after the birth of my baby. James was able to treat it effectively and pain relief came very quickly. The more I came to appreciate his technique the better I felt. Building trust was important to me as I feel it is with any type of therapist. Beyond Remedial massage, in which he is an expert, James is very knowledgeable on a variety of health topics and he freely shares what he knows. I feel he really cares about people which is important to me. Being a mother and also working I have a lot of stress not only physically but emotionally. When I am in a session with James I am able to relax totally, even to falling asleep. My latest issue is back pain. James has been helping me immensely with this and has also taught me to help myself. My back is healing and a lot and is all due to his expertize. I see James as the 'total package’ with being an expert bodyworker and educator. I know if he can help me he can help many others. I recommend him highly and without reservation. " 

Michelle Chen  30/9/2019  via Facebook Reviews


"James is an extraordinary therapist - simply the most knowledgeable and skilled therapist I have seen. Over the past 2.5 years, I have seen 6 massage practitioners, 3 chiropractors and an acupuncturist in search of relief from shoulder pain. My recovery had been very up and down and far from satisfactory, and I was beginning to think that no one was going to be able to help me. After the first session with James, I had my hope restored that I might not have to live with pain for the rest of my life, my pain had decreased by about 80%, then after session two about 95% and I am now 100% free of pain with no restriction in my shoulder. I visit James monthly for maintenance, but it has hardly been needed. I only wish I had found James years ago! Thank you so much James! " 🙏 🌟

Rebecca Guthridge  20/9/2019  via Facebook Reviews

"After fracturing my collarbone in an accident I was very lucky to have come across James. His treatment is very thorough, not only working on the obvious but also the surrounding areas to restore full movement in my shoulders and neck. After the first session I could feel a noticeable difference, and within a week or two I felt almost normal again shaming the surgeon and physical therapist who had told me to expect great difficulty for six months. Im sure there is some magic in those hands, James assures me there is not lol  but however he did it I am very obliged. Thanks James, I give you my highest recommendation."

Meaghan Quirk  19/8/2019  via Facebook Reviews.


"Since commencing my treatments with James, my pain has completely gone and I have gained back full mobility in my neck. James passes on his knowledge and experience through the sessions which I really appreciate. James is the consummate professional and I would highly recommend him if in need of remedial therapy. Just fantastic James! I couldnt be happier! "

Chloe Murnane  29/7/2019  via Facebook Reviews


"Awesome James! Neck pain has gone and my headache went with it! And thank you so much for the totally awesome full body massage. Feeling great again!! "

Akane Nishikawa  17/7/2019  via Facebook Reviews


"Ive been seeing James regularly for massage therapy and I give him my highest recommendation. This is a seriously good massage from a seriously good therapist. James provides a holistic treatment, treating the causes not just the symptoms. You wont find anyone more professional, non judgemental, caring, and with empathy towards you and your problems. Thank you Mr Magic!! You are one of a kind and Im so very grateful for the pain relief and relaxation you have provided for me. 5 stars from me. 😘 "

Elly Randall  15/7/2019  via Facebook Reviews


"James, just a quick thank you note and a recommendation for you if you would like to post on your website. I had an issue with my shoulder that wasnt getting better by itself and after speaking with Health Professionals it seemed their treatment plans would be lengthy and expensive which I couldnt afford. Im 72 and on a pension and making ends meet is a challenge without extra expenses. A friend who had seen James recommended him to me, so I called and he offered me a free diagnosis, and he was able to see me quickly. He did a few tests on my arms and shoulders and said he felt he could fix my problem, so we went ahead then and there. I was impressed with how he went about it, I knew straight away he knew what he was doing, and 30 minutes later, after some deep massage, a few clicks, cracks and pops and he had completely freed my shoulder up and it was all virtually painless. I now have no pain and full movement in the shoulder, and the worry of the financial stress of a long term problem is no longer an issue. James, I cant thank you enough your expertise, your honesty and your great advice, and it goes without saying that you have helped me enormously. My highest recommendation for you and your business.

Eileen Godfree  1/7/2019


"After searching for over 8 years for a massage therapist who is knowledgeable enough to understand and have a treatment plan for a certain condition and who could help me feel better, I finally found James and I am absolutely delighted with the results! I can now go weeks without a being in pain whereas before, I was attending different therapists twice a week with very minimal benefits.James is by far the best massage therapist I've ever been to and I believe in him fully. He is confidential, trustworthy and makes me feel at ease and relaxed. I cannot recommend James highly enough! "

Nicki Waterford  30/5/2019  via Facebook Reviews


I have seen many massage therapists over the years and James is definitely the best. He has extensive experience and knowledge of different methods which he tailors for your treatment. I like to know what I can do for myself as well as treatments and James is great with advice and education. So much more than a simple massage. Highly recommend."


Jackie Mc   26/4/2019  via Facebook Reviews


Definitely the best! James has a great set up, is very professional, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. The best massage Ive had by miles! I always leave feeling like Im floating, totally relaxed, aches and pains no more. Heat packs, hot towels - Incredible experience! Highly, recommended. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "

Rachel Maree Savage  13/4/2019 via Facebook Reviews


"Awesome massage by a very experienced gent."

Michelle Morris  16/3/2019  via Facebook Reviews


"Easily the best massage/massage therapist I have come across! Intuitive, caring, gentle and uber skilled! Nice price, no fuss, fantastic service and the convenience of the online booking page is the icing on the cake, couldn't be simpler and so convenient. Thanks James, so looking forward to my future appointments with you."

Amy Anderson  13/2/2019  via Gumtree Reviews


"Fantastic! I've been seeing James recently for treatment of my chronic back and hip pain with amazing results. My GP referred me to a physio for pain relief after a fall, but it didnt work for me at all, so I decided to try James after reading his online reviews. The results have been way beyond my expectations in such a short time, and I have now ditched my crutches and can now lead an active life again. James is totally results orientated, cost effective, extremely knowledgeable, and In a class of his own as a physical therapist. I couldnt be happier and cant recommend James more highly. Thanks James, I'm so grateful for what you've done for me. 😘🙏 Christina Barnes, Mt Eliza Vic.” 

Tina Barnes  7/2/2019  via Facebook Reviews


James is professional and great at what he does. I went to see James with pain which was resolved almost instantly. He has an in-depth knowledge of the body and always explained things in detail. Will definitely be back.” 

Nicole Alyce  4/2/2019  via Facebook Reviews


This is my second review of James, the first one was after my first appointment in April 2018. 9 months on and James deserves another review of his outstanding massage therapy service. I run 50 km every week and my recovery regime had previously consisted of massage therapy, chiros and physios, which was time consuming and expensive but since I started weekly treatments with James I no longer need to see anyone else and my recovery is now quicker and better than ever. James has such incredible knowledge of how everything works in the body and has very effective techniques to keep me in tip top condition. I honestly cant recommend James highly enough, a lovely man and a brilliant therapist. Thank you James.”  💕

Natalie Saunders  19/1/2019  via Facebook Reviews

Simply the Best!! I have seen multiple people over the past 10 years for treatment of my Khyphosis, but none have come close to James in providing the pain relief James has. His knowledge and expertise are second to none! The pain had become so extreme I couldnt sleep and I was unable to do things like gardening and cleaning. After my first massage I could see and feel immediate relief and after only 2 or 3 sessions my pain was almost gone! As we have progressed James has added some absolutely wonderful stretching of my back hips and neck and I dont have to do anything,  just lie there!You've been a lifesaver James thank you thank you, thank you, your skill in treating me and your advice has been invaluable.” 

Edie de Vries  17/1/2019

Awesome James! Couldnt be happier after my first session with you. The pain in my back is completely gone as is my aching hip. Previous therapy had caused me a lot of pain and didnt help much, but you were able to get it right the first time. Feeling truly blessed to have found you.”  


Emma Smith   23/12/2018  via Gumtree Reviews

I have been seeing James for over three years now and he runs rings around and above, not only other massage therapists but also physios and osteopaths I was seeing on a regular basis for over 20 years in dealing with chronic knee, hip, neck and shoulder issues.

I have never experienced the pain relief I have with seeing James and why he is now, my sole physical therapy, and one of those rare individuals who has a genuine passion to help with an expertise and techniques that assist me to manage my pain in a way that makes life more enjoyable.

James's genuine and caring nature is another admirable quality, and his innate ability to find elusive knots is a skill like no other, so while he is known as 'James Kirwan Massage', James will always be 'James Massage Master/Knot Buster' to me ”   🌟

Mary Stargazer  16/12/2018  via Facebook Reviews


James was beyond fantastic - professional, friendly and an expert in his field. All my aches and pains (some resulting from shoulder surgery) are much improved after only one session. I'm very grateful for the time he took to explain things and for the holistic approach to my treatment. It's rare to find someone with this much experience who is genuinely invested in your healing. I'll definitely be back, thanks James! ” 

Gem Doe  20/11/2018  via Facebook Reviews

Awesome Massage Therapist!
Highly professional,knowledgeable, experienced, caring and his focus is on you as an individual and your needs . The Best massage I have ever had!! 
”  🙏

Kerri Collins   15/11/2018  via Facebook Reviews


Booked my mum into see James on the advise of a friend who seen him before with very good results.Mum has frozen shoulder for 6 months which made her use her good arm so much she got tedonitis in it.Sleeping was hard for her because of the pain in both of the shoulders.The results have been very impressive so far.The tedonitis has reduced a lot and her frozen shoulder is less painfull and moving mucn better and can sleep again.We highly recommend James and say thanks for your expertise and helping mum.Like the review before said its 5 stars from us to.Tom

Tom Berman   3/11/2018  via Facebook Reviews


I highly recommend James. He is very experienced and professional. He has a very caring nature, and totally focused on fixing the problems, and he takes the time to explain what he is doing, so you feel comfortable at all times. Thank you James; really appreciate how much you have already helped me🙂

Shalina Kucko  31/10/2018  via Facebook Reviews


Such a phenomenal therapist. Very aware of the body, very developed in different methods of therapy. I've been coming for a couple of years - wouldn't recommend anyone more highly! I work in massage also! 🙂Extremely decently priced... very comfortable space .. I could go on.. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars from me! ❤️


Karina Winch  18/10/2018  via Facebook Reviews


�Thank u so much James for what you’ve done for my son. I’m calling u the Muscle Magician! After 1 session u fixed what 4 years of Physio appointments, MRIs and sports doctors couldn’t. Unbelievable! Very grateful � Also, what you’ve done for my shoulder is truely amazing!


Samantha Goss  3/10/2018  via Facebook Reviews

Had a wonderful 90 min massage with James today. After trying several other people in the area and being disappointed with them, I finally found a keeper! This was by far one of the best massages I've had in a very long time. James is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and very gentle. He has a lovely manner, and his prices are very affordable. I cannot recommend James highly enough. He's awesome!!!! Thanks again James. See you soon 😊


Bronwyn Bennett  26/8/2018  via Facebook Reviews

Thank you James. Wonderful treatment last week. Your massage is second to none. Very happy to recommend you.


Jackie Russo  5/8/2018


James was welcoming and professional as a stranger entering into his home. The room was set up beautifully and the music played had a lovely relaxing feel. His expertise and thoroughness through out the massage explaining what he was doing and why, was most appreciated and I would defenently recommend him to anyone looking for a reasonably priced service and expert opinion. 
Thank you very much for your time James and i hope to see you again.


Delayney Johnston  4/5/2018  via Facebook Reviews

Had a 90 minute massage today, it was absolute bliss! THE best massage ever! James was very professional. He listened to what I wanted and needed and delivered beyond expectations! I've already booked my next two massages, Highly recommend!


Natalie Saunders  3/4/2018  via Facebook Reviews


Thanks James I had a wonderful massage yesterday. Im still floating, my shoulder pain has reduced significantly and it doesn't click anymore when I move it. Will be booking in again very soon!! Cheers


Leeanne Fischer  13/2/2018  via Gumtree Reviews


“James provides a superb massage - the best  I have ever encountered.. . .gentle yet firm touch and very tuned in to my needs.”


Cheryl Singleton  15/10/2017


“Please post my review on your site. I would like to recommend James for his massages. I have been about 5 times now and it keeps getting better. Really good value for money and being able to book in a time at short notice is a bonus.I agree with previus review its a top massage.”


Renata M  24/06/2017

​I have only been to James Kirwan Massage one time but will definitely be returning. This is my
first ever review, its not something I do but I would like to share my experience. I have suffered
dull lower back pain for over 2 years, from the time of the birth of my child to be exact and I
have seen different doctors/therapists about it. No one was much help, the Doctor didnt know,
chiro didnt help and the physio wanted to charge me an arm and a leg. I saw James advert and
read his reviews and thought I would give him a try. Price was good, local to me and at worst I
should at least get a decent massage. James was able to identify the problem within minutes on
his table. A  joint in the hip area was causing the problem. I doubted massage could fix something like that, but James very gently manipulated my leg and hip and with a tiny click I felt the pain and pressure disappear. Some sublime massage and a heat pack followed and the clock had been turned back 2 years. I was a little stiff in the area for couple days but am now completely pain free. All this had taken less than 2 minutes so I was able to relax and enjoy the whole body massage that followed. James went over me from head to toe working out the knots and sore spots, offering explanations for why things had happened and advice on avoiding these problems in the future. I particularly enjoyed the stretching of my neck. Previous massages for a stiff neck have been quite painful for me but not with James, his massage and stretching routine was very effective and much more pleasant. I would highly recommend James and his massage service.


Jessica Rigby  28, Seaford. 10/1/2017

​My job involves long hours sitting at a desk which causes me me lot of pain in my lower and
mid back areas. I found James and I was initially impressed with his understanding of my problem
and his knowlegdge of how to treat it, so now after just 2 treatments i am about 90% pain free. I
now book in every 2 weeks for 90 min and am feeling much better for it. I would recommend
James to anyone who has musculare problems or just needs to chill out with a top class


Kristine McEvoy​  21/10/2016  via Gumtree Reviews

“​James is a very skilled and experienced practitioner. I have never met a therapist as attentive
to the needs of the client as James. Such is the duty of care that he will liaise with you
occasionally during the treatment to ensure that you are happy and relaxed and the treatment is how you like it. Very happy to recommend James. Tammy.


Tamiko Saito (Mentone)  9/6/2016  via Gumtree Reviews

​Too easy James! Very happy! The difference in my back is amazing after only 2 visits. Virtually
pain free now and actually able to sleep through the whole night, and feeling revitalized,
rejuvenated and clear headed.I cant believe how calm I feel after a massage with you. God
bless you :-) Suzie del.


Suzanne della Costa​  11/6/2016  via Gumtree Reviews

​I had an amazing session with James this week! I've been to a lot of different people over
the years, and he is as good as it gets! His home studio is welcoming, cozy and quiet. It is a
very professional with more than reasonable prices for a very well given massage. I will definitely be back!


Natalie Randall​.  12/3/2015  via Gumtree Reviews

​I have been having massages from James for over 3 years now. I see him because he
relieves the tight knots in my muscles and also provides a very relaxing environment. The moment I lie down on the table I feel better. The environment is so peaceful its like taking a vacation from the
stress of everyday life. James is able to use deep pressure on the areas that need it and lighter
on other areas. When he works the knots out it "hurts good"...professional caring manner.


Clair Faulks​  29/11/2014

​Enjoy my weekly massage with James. I used to have my massage at the beautician or at the
shopping centre but I always thought it could be better and then my friend recomend James
to me and I havent looked back.Highly recomended.


Kristi 20/11/2014  via Gumtree Reviews

​GREAT massage James fix my back back and neck Head massage to die for.

Lily Hsu  17/1/2014  via Gumtree Reviews

“​Awesome massage at a really good price.James works out my knots and tight spots but I am
still able to relax and enjoy the treatment. Love the hot towels at the finish :) Thx James.


Jenna Merceica​ 4/1/2014  via Gumtree Reviews

“​Easily he best massage Ive had. Recommend.

Joan Bennett ​  10/12/2013

“​I booked an appointment at very short notice with James which he was happy to accept. I had
jammed up my neck and shoulder while sleeping and needed a quick fix. After the massage 
my headache had gone and had almost full movement in my neck again. The neck and
shoulder stretching James provided worked wonders. Very grateful for your help.


Mary Constantinou​   11/6/2013