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Remedial Massage vs Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on applying deep pressure to muscles throughout the whole body. The added pressure can be a little uncomfortable for some but is often described as a “good pain.” This added edge enhances the therapeutic benefits of the massage, reduces tension throughout the body and helps recovery after exercise and injuries. The overall effect of the deep tissue massage is a relaxing, whole-body treatment. While deep tissue massage is a whole-body treatment, remedial massage focuses on parts of the body requiring rehabilitation. Remedial massage first starts with a review of the muscles, ligaments, tendons and posture. Once the therapist understands the issues causing the injury or pain they will then treat the cause and symptoms of the injury. While deep tissue massage requires firm pressure, the pressure used during the remedial massage will vary depending on what is best for treating the specific issue. Finally, remedial massage is done with a goal in mind, like treating a knee, shoulder or back injury. This means that it will often be done over a series of sessions, where the therapist is constantly assessing the state of the injury and noting any improvements or deterioration. This allows for adjustments to their treatment to facilitate fast recovery. The Takeaway Deep tissue massage is best for people who want a whole-body experience and the therapeutic benefit of firm pressure. It is a strong and relaxing massage that helps release muscle tension and enhance recovery from physical exercise.

Remedial massage is a targeted treatment and is ideal for those with chronic pain and injuries that require a specific treatment process.

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