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New Mum? Looking After Yourself...

You recently gave birth to your bundle of joy – congratulations! And while those nine months of pregnancy definitely came with challenges, now the real work begins. I'm sure labour and delivery was no walk in the park, and sleep? Well, if you’re like the majority of new mums, it’s now a luxury.

They don’t call giving birth a miracle for nothing. The physical and emotional toll of carrying and delivering a baby can leave new mums tired, stressed and overwhelmed.

That’s where postpartum massage can help. Sure, you’ve probably heard of the many benefits prenatal massage provides, but postpartum massage is just as important. Think about it, labour is hard work. Postpartum massage helps your body recover, relieving stress and allowing you to recharge.

Here are just a few benefits Massage Therapy provides after you give birth.

Sleep Better A good night’s sleep definitely becomes harder after having a baby. And with more and more healthcare professionals stressing the importance of sleep for better health, no one needs more than a new mum. Postpartum Massage Therapy can help new mums catch more z’s, reduce fatigue and promote better sleep.

Easier Breastfeeding Not only does Postpartum Massage Therapy relieve breast pain often associated with nursing, it also increases prolactin levels, the hormone responsible for milk production, making breastfeeding easier for you and great for your newborn.

Relieve Postpartum Swelling Many new mums experience swelling after giving birth, especially in their feet and legs. Massage Therapy helps alleviate the swelling by applying pressure to the muscles and activating the lymphatic system, causing the fluid to drain, naturally.

Stress Relief Having a baby is hard both emotionally and physically. Postpartum Massage Therapy helps reduce stress and increase endorphins, the hormone in your body responsible for making you feel good. And with 10-15% of new mums experiencing postpartum depression, Massage Therapy is a natural alternative to stave off the postpartum blues.

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