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How To Recover More Quickly After Exercise or Work Out

A common question and the answer is simple! It just takes a little bit more time and a little bit of effort!

Most soreness or discomfort after sport is often referred to as DOMs (delay onset of muscular fatigue). This is simply the muscle recovering from exercise/stress that has occurred. So if we provide our body with the right tools this can be enhanced and leave you ready for more exercise!

Be aware that some injuries such as tendinopathies also occur after sport, in the kneecap (patella tendon) and in the shoulder. It is important that these injuries are assessed to avoid further damage.

Warm up! This might sound silly because it is before the exercise and not after, but if we can pre-prepare the body for the stress it’s about to endure then it won’t undergo as much immediate pressure from not warming up. Keep these warm ups dynamic and involving as much movement as possible to increase bloodflow throughout the body.

Cool down Probably seemed obvious after the first point, but an active recovery promotes blood and nutritional flow to help remove all waste biproducts in the muscle. An active cool down could include a walk around the block after your run, or a gentle pedal around the block on your bike. Don’t forget to add those stretches into your post exercise regime!

Nutrition Your body requires fuel to move every single day, and it requires even more fuel to exercise. So if we can replenish what we use, the body will return to its resting state sooner. Some easy things to add are quality carbohydrates, proteins and DRINK WATER and replace electrolytes - hydration is super important.

Sleep Our bodies recover most overnight, as this is the time when our body releases HGH (human growth hormones) which will actively repair those little micro tears in our muscles. Therefore adequate sleep is really important. If you struggle to get good sleep here are some easy tips to try:

Avoid screen time for a good 30 minutes before bed Sleep in a cooler environment Get into a good routine

If you’re still struggling with recovery after this then there may be underlying injuries or misalignments needing to be addressed to get optimum results.

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